bathroom usage + cleaning and maintenance

Shower Walls:

Almost all of our tiles can be used on shower walls, even our cement and other unglazed tiles are fine as long as they are properly sealed. We recommend the use of a waterproofing  penetrating sealer like miracle 511 porous plus for the grouted areas of glazed tiles (zellige, eastern earthenware, glazed thin brick, etc) and for unglazed tiles (cement, natural zellige, foundry flats, carrara marble) you’ll need to seal the face of the tile in addition to grouted areas. Single coat reapplication of the penetrating sealant is required once a year in shower applications due to the continuous exposure to water, and more often if installation is a steam shower.


*If you’ve used a glazed tile with waterproof grout (or waterproofing grout additive) you do not need to use a penetrating sealant, unless the glaze on your tile has excessive crazing.


*Some handmade artist series tile require the use of our top coat kit.


Shower floors (+bathroom floors):

Not all of our tiles can be used on a shower floor as some could pose a slip hazard. The following tiles are safe to use as shower flooring in residential settings (waterproof sealant guidelines mentioned above still apply):


  • encaustic cement tiles
  • 2x2 zellige
  • 2x6 zellige, or eastern earthenware (installed in a herringbone pattern to increase slip resistance)
  • natural zellige (any size, shape)
  • penny rounds
  • carrara hexagon and herringbone mosaics
  • belgian reproduction terracotta




The majority of our tiles are hand made and should be cleaned with mild soap or neutral pH cleaner.


*Our cement tile and carrara marble tiles are chemically reactive meaning they can be etched and discolored by acidic or alkaline substances (i.e. common cleansers, hair dye, urine). These tiles require a neutral pH cleaner or mild soap for cleaning.

Our penny rounds and gloss subway tiles from the basics collection are more robust tiles that can withstand common cleaners like bleach, soft scrub cleansers, and multipurpose cleaners. keep in mind that all tiles (glazed or otherwise) can be damaged with harsh cleansers, scrub pads or rigorous cleaning processes.