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cleaning grout stains

My installer didn’t read the clé instructions and grouted the light cement tile project with a dark grout. Now all the lighter colors have a dark stain!

Though it’s never easy to see your brand new tiles covered with the stain of a darker grout, if handled immediately, you may be able to repair this situation by doing the following:

Use an orbital sander and 400 grit wet/sandpaper.
Wet the sandpaper and lightly bear on the surface of the tiles in question in a rotating manner.
If your tiles are stained more heavily- you may need to use the above procedure with kerosene in order to remove the staining.

Cement tiles have a very strong pigment layer measuring at least 1/8”. The pigment runs throughout this strata of the tiles. They can handle a great deal of wear and tear as well as periodic refinishing of the surface, as mentioned above. In fact, the use of light sanding and water can be done throughout the life of your cement tile installation to renew the finish- much like hardwood can be refinished. It’s much easier than wood refinishing and allows for a renewal of your cement tile surface when needed.

please refer to this article for correct grouting guidelines