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common questions about modern farmhouse glazed thin brick

How much variation should I expect?

If you like a smooth, consistent finished surface then this tile is not for you. Looking to embrace a little more surface tension and patina? Then Modern Farmhouse Brick will serve you well. This tile varies from brick to brick, with some individual tiles more than others. These variations are intentional, resulting from our particular production methods and our choice of raw materials. When specifying clé exclusive Modern Farmhouse Brick tile, if color consideration is paramount, always work from a sampling of 3 or more bricks, which represents the range of color you can expect on the job.


Can I order a customize size or color?

You can place a custom samples order by contacting of our clé representatives at contact@cletile.com


What colors do you stock?

We currently stock Modern Farmhouse Brick in gloss white, matte white gloss black, gloss grey and gloss deep blue.


What is the thickness of Modern Farmhouse Brick?

The thickness of clé’s modern farmhouse brick is 3/8”


How much is a sample?

Modern Farmhouse Brick samples are $3.  


How long does it take to get my tiles?

In stock Modern Farmhouse Brick tiles ship within 10 business days.  


Where do you recommend installing Modern Farmhouse Brick?

Like our standard glazed brick tiles, our Modern Farmhouse Brick is great for almost any application and downright perfect for a kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, etc..

clé does not recommend floor installations, including shower floors.


Are Modern Farmhouse Bricks freeze thaw resistant?

Exterior specification: OK for freeze thaw. 


What grout should I use?

We recommend using Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA, which is intended for glazed tiles.


What size grout joint?

The piece per square foot count is based on a 3/8” grout joint. Anything smaller will require more tiles per square foot.


Do I need to seal Modern Farmhouse Brick tiles?

Modern Farmhouse Brick tile doesn’t need to be sealed.