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commonly asked questions about subway tile

White subway tile have been de rigueur for tiled walls for decades now. It continues to be a staple, and here at clé we like to call it the jeans and t-shirts of tile. It goes with everything and is an absolute essential!


What sizes, colors, and finishes do you stock?

Subway – white gloss in 3X6", 4X8", and 4X12"

What is the thickness of the subway tile?

Subway – ¼"

Do you have an order minimum on subway tile?

Our subway tiles are available in stock and are sold by the box. Our order minimum is 1 box.  Small order shipping fees will apply for orders of 1-2 boxesis.

Where can subway tile be installed?

Subway tile is strictly wall tile - primarily indoor, commercial, residential bath and kitchens.

What grout should I use?

clé recommends Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA, which is intended for glazed tiles.

Do you offer trim?

Yes. Please fill out a custom inquiry form and a clé representative will contact you to place an order for trim.

Can I customize subway tile?

Inquiries accepted.

What is the lead time for ordering subway tile?

In-stock – 5-7 business days (please double check website for lead time as it may be subject to change). Custom standard – 12-14 weeks (please check website for lead time as it may be subject to change).

How do I clean subway tile?

Wipe with mild soap and water.