does clé offer a trade program frequent questions

How do I join your Trade Program?  Thank you for your interest. At present, clé is not offering a trade program. The good news is you can still order from clé and receive our direct-to-consumer pricing available on the website (which reflects our already discounted/contractor pricing to the public.)


How do I order samples? Ordering samples is easy via our website. You can place orders at your convenience, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our samples are reasonably priced, with the exception of our artist collection which are a part of our maison clé premium materials line (these come with a higher price point.) Please note that we strongly recommend viewing several samples of the same tile to ensure you are aware of the natural variations which will occur. You may order up to four sample pieces per item.


I used to be a member of your trade program when I worked with another company. Why can I no longer be a member? We paused our Trade Program in 2021. This means we are not actively accepting new members yet. We do not have a specified date yet on when or if we will relaunch a program. In the meantime, please do remember you are already receiving our lowest prices due to our direct to consumer business model.


Will you have a trade program again? This is still undetermined at this time. Luckily you may still take advantage of our rock bottom direct to consumer pricing.   


Do you offer volume discounts? In certain instances, it is possible and always subject to review as every single item has an entirely different cost structure. Please let your clé sales representative know the material and quantities you are considering and they would be happy to assist with pricing. *Don’t forget to add a minimum of a 15% overage. Depending on your aesthetic goal, you may wish to increase the overage amount in order to allow for “cherry picking” tiles with lesser color/size/surface variations. Though clé embraces natural variation, we recognize that certain projects may prefer less variation in which case ordering a higher amount to account for cherry picking is suggested. 

How do I request tax exempt status on my orders? Kindly make your request to have your account marked as tax exempt by providing us with your supporting tax documentation. Please send to PRIOR to making your purchase. While we are not reviewing new trade applications at this time, we would be happy to mark your account as tax exempt should you make the request to us in writing.