how will my tile be delivered?

clé delivery policy & guidelines

Please Note: clé ships orders through a third-party shipping company and cannot change the policies held by said company. once your order has shipped, you will receive a call from our shipping company to schedule a delivery appointment window. failure to schedule an appointment within 24 hours can result in storage fees and/or return shipment and re-delivery costs, for which you will be responsible (minimum charges are $75.)

Should you miss your scheduled delivery appointment, our shipping company has the authority to charge up to $400 or more, for which you will be responsible to pay. Additional fees may be applied for consecutive missed delivery appointments. 

If no damage is notated on the delivery receipt when your order is delivered, you must write to within 48 hours of delivery and inform us of the concealed damage for clé to file a claim on your behalf and ship potential replacement material.

If clé is not made aware of concealed damage within this 48-hour window any potential replacement order would have to be paid by you until a successful claim has been made with the freight delivery company, which can take up to 30 days. If clé is not made aware of concealed damage within this 48 hour window and we are not able to file a successful claim, no replacements or refunds will be processed on your behalf by clé tile. 



To deliver your beautiful (and heavy) tiles, an appointment will be required. Once shipped from our warehouse and arrived at the nearest service center, our freight company will call to schedule a delivery appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, you must be ready to receive your tile shipment at any time within the delivery window provided by the freight company. Please note, if they are unable to contact you within 24 hours, storage fees may begin to accrue and tiles will not re-ship until all fees and shipping costs have been invoiced and paid by the customer.

All deliveries are curbside ONLY. That means someone must be present to move the tile into your home or business, inspect the product (quantity/material) and sign the order. 

There are times when unfortunately due to shipping truck mobility constraints or other factors determined by the freight company, they are unable to deliver to your address. In those cases, tile must be either picked up from the nearest delivery place or routed to a different address.


Inspecting your delivery

Tile orders will be delivered in several boxes. All orders have a window of at least 15 minutes to complete delivery, please take this time to open and inspect as many boxes for damage as possible prior to signing the delivery receipt, before the delivery driver leaves. Every box must be opened and inspected thoroughly within 48 hours of delivery. Any claims must be reported within 48 hours of delivery to if any of the following conditions are identified during inspection: 

  • Product shortage
  • Incorrect product sent
  • Damaged exterior of boxes  
  • Damaged products



It is expected that 2%-4% of your tile may arrive with damage due to transit and this is considered acceptable percent of the order to arrive with damage for which we do not replace or refund as our tiles are primarily handmade, hand-picked, and hand-packed. The handmade nature of the tile exposes the product to breakage, therefore slight surface issues are standard. The best practice is to order at least 15% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, waste due to cutting material, as well as other potential breakage during installation.

Please inspect your delivery for any signs of exterior visible damage. If the order is received and is not neatly shrink-wrapped with a cone on top, please notate potential damage on the delivery receipt and contact us within 48 hours. 

Although extensive damage due to shipping is rare, it does happen occasionally. Please inspect your delivery for any signs of exterior visible damage. If you find visible exterior damage, add notes to the bill of lading immediately, receive your shipment as is and contact us within 48 hours to make your damage claim. 

Do not refuse the shipment, generally, the vast majority of tiles are still usable and only a small portion of tiles may need to be replaced. if you refuse shipment due to damage, you may be liable for any additional shipping fees associated with shipping the usable tile back to clé or to your job site. additionally, this will delay any claims and replacement orders.