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how to order samples and custom samples

How to order your samples:

1) Find the product you’re interested in and click on it. 

For this example we’ll demonstrate how to order a sample of our popular ‘weathered white’ 4"x4" square zellige tile.

2) Select the appropriate size/color among the available options. This step will not always be necessary depending on what kind of tile you are ordering.  

3) On the right hand side, click on the "buy sample" button above the full tile order button.

4) after selecting “buy sample” you may review your cart by clicking the icon on the top right of your screen. if all looks good, proceed to checkout where you can redeem your discount code (if applicable.) your clé samples will be on their way in 3-5 business days - faster shipping options (2 day and overnight) can be selected during checkout.

Can clé order samples for me?

yes, however, the quickest way for you to order and receive samples is to place the order on our website. Our clé representatives can help you place your order, however, this could take up to 3 business days to process due to the high levels of requests we receive.

 Is it possible to have custom made samples?

You can inquire about custom sample orders by contacting of our clé representatives at contact@cletile.com

How many samples can I order?

Due to high demand, customers may only order four samples of a product in the same colorway.