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shipping, delivery and return information

shipping, delivery and return information for full tile orders

Where we ship

clé ships to all 50 states however, if shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please contact us for assistance in checking out (415) 887 - 9011 or email us at contact@cletile.com as current functionality does not allow for self checkout yet with those shipping destinations. 

International Shipping

clé is a California based company that only ships to the United States.  all international clients can have orders delivered to a freight forwarder of their choice located within the U.S.

clients should make sure the freight forwarder acknowledges the arrival of the shipment and should arrange for the shipment from their nominated forwarder warehouse toward the final destination. this is currently the only manner in which to have your tile shipped internationally. 

please note that once your freight forwarder takes possession of the shipment, clé tile, and our freight shipping partners no longer are responsible for the condition of the material upon its arrival at the final destination. all damage or shortages must be noted at the time of delivery by our freight shipping partners, or prior to the material being shipped from the United States. 

Shipping Expectations

if an item states ships within 5 business days, ships within 7-10 business days or ships within 10 business days it means the item is in stock and ready to ship. this is the maximum processing time for our warehouse to place the order on a truck to ship out. once the order is on a truck, transit time generally ranges from 1-7 business days to transport from our California warehouse to various locations across the country. 

there are some instances where an item initially states ships within x number of business days but when you add the product(s) to your cart, the lead time changes. this happens when you have ordered more material than we have on hand in our warehouse. in these instances, your order will draw from our next incoming shipment of said product.

items that state "ships within 10-12 weeks" are made to order, with the 10-12 weeks being the production and processing time. we are not able to expedite the production time as each tile is produced by hand one at a time and then requires time to fully cure so they do not break while in transit. after this 10-12 week period, the order will ship from our warehouse and transit time will be additional business days.

Difficult to Deliver Locations (within the United States)

  • there are occasionally times when, due to street width or slope, low-hanging trees, or other factors determined by our freight shipping partner, they will be unable to deliver to an address, even after a delivery appointment has been scheduled. in those cases, you will be responsible for picking up your tile order from the nearest terminal delivery center or providing an alternate delivery location which can be reached by our freight shipping partner. 
  • additional shipping charges may apply to hard-to-reach areas such as gated communities or locations only accessible via ferry, if you anticipate your delivery address potentially falling under this definition, please make sure to include this in the 'special instructions for seller' field in your shopping cart, or reach out to contact@cletile.com. these charges will be assessed after your order is processed, and you will be contacted to provide payment for said charges. delivery will be made only after any potential additional charges have been paid for by the client. 

Shipping, Delivery, and Claims

the following information is important in receiving your order and avoiding additional fees. please read the information carefully and reach out to us at contact@cletile.com if you have any questions.

Delivery and Lead Times

clé tiles are sourced using three different targets- quality, pricing and nearest source. each is taken into consideration with the goal of delivering the best possible tiles for your project and your location. however, all of these factors converge in ways that can impact delivery dates. therefore,

please be advised that any and all delivery dates are estimates only, we cannot guarantee specific deadlines. we recommend booking installation only after receipt of all the tiles and setting materials have been delivered to your site and reviewed completely. clé is not responsible for ANY costs of contractor fees or project related delays. 

Prior to Delivery

  • once your order has shipped, you will receive a call from our shipping company to schedule a delivery appointment window. failure to schedule an appointment within 24 hours from your received call can result in storage fees and/or return shipment and re-delivery costs, for which you will be responsible.
  • changing a delivery address or other reconsignment fees start at $75 and are collected by the third-party delivery company from clé tile and must be paid to clé tile prior to the reconsignment being approved.
  • there must be someone at the delivery location to receive and sign for the tile.
  • tile will be brought off the truck via lift gate and left curbside. it is your responsibility to bring the tile from the curb inside. delivery drivers will not break down pallets or deliver tile inside. keep in mind, tile is heavy, weighing as much as 50lbs per box.
  • if you (the purchaser) will not be the person signing for delivery of your clé tile order, it is YOUR responsibility to provide these shipping and delivery policies to the person who will be receiving and signing for the delivery, whether it be a General Contractor, installer, family member or another agent and to make sure these policies are followed. Clé Tile is not responsible for a party not following our policies for receiving material and any damage or missing material claims made outside of these policies.

On the Day of Your Delivery or Terminal Pick-Up

  • inspect your shipment for any signs of damage, including damaged boxes and any other external damage. torn or distressed boxes and/or packaging may indicate internal damage to your tiles. this damage inspection should be made prior to accepting your shipment.
  • we ask that you try to open and inspect two to three boxes of tile (if no external obvious damage is visible) to see if any ‘hidden’ damage is present. if any ‘hidden’ damage is discovered at the time of the delivery, please note this on the bill of lading/delivery receipt.
  • your packing slip will be attached to your shipment. please review your packing slip closely as it contains the number of boxes in your shipment. be sure that you have received all boxes prior to accepting your shipment. the shipper will have a bill of lading (BOL) which should match our packing slip.
  • should your shipment contain any damaged boxes or items and/or if your shipment is missing any boxes- please note this carefully on your BOL/Delivery Receipt. you then must hand your noted BOL/Delivery Receipt to your delivery person for processing damage or missing claim. should you be in your nearest service center, you should give this note to the service center manager so that they may allow you to call them back with the specifics of your delivery issues. we will not be able to file a claim without your BOL/Delivery Receipt notations accepted by the delivery person or the service center manager. at that time, you may sign your packing/delivery slip and receive both the damaged and undamaged product. should there be any damaged or missing products you can call/email us to arrange for replacement

*please note - for all tile orders 2% - 4% of the tile damaged, chipped or scratched is acceptable. tiles are primarily handmade, hand-picked and hand packed. slight surface issues are standard. it is suggested to order at least 15% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, as well as installation cuts, and breakage.

  • it is required that you or your agent check your shipment and make sure all the product is there upon delivery of your shipment. any claims for missing or damaged products must be received by email to: claims@cletile.com within 48 hours of your delivery day.
  • tile orders will be delivered in several boxes. All orders have a window of at least 15 minutes to complete delivery, please take this time to open and inspect as many boxes for damage as possible prior to signing the delivery receipt, before the delivery driver leaves. Every box must be opened and inspected thoroughly within 48 hours of delivery. Any claims must be reported within 48 hours of delivery to claims@cletile.com if any of the following conditions are identified during inspection: 

    • Product shortage
    • Incorrect product sent
    • Damaged exterior of boxes  
    • Damaged products
  • if no damage is notated on the delivery receipt when your order is delivered, you must write to claims@cletile.com within 48 hours of delivery and inform us of the concealed damage for clé to file a claim on your behalf and ship potential replacement material. 
  • if clé is not made aware of concealed damage within this 48-hour window any potential replacement order would have to be paid by you until a successful claim has been made with the freight delivery company, which can take up to 30 days. If clé is not made aware of concealed damage within this 48-hour window and we are not able to file a successful claim, no replacements or refunds will be processed on your behalf by clé tile. 
  • the installation of your products should not begin until your full order has been completed and is safely at your project site. if you are waiting for replacement product, you will need to be sure that all tiles are at your project site and in good condition prior to scheduling the installation.
  • should you decide at a later date that you would like to pick up your shipment from a terminal vs. your residential delivery or if you change the terms from residential delivery to a terminal pick up you need to contact us prior to picking up the freight. in this circumstance you will probably want the lower freight charge of a terminal delivery. we cannot negotiate a lower freight cost once you have collected the freight.

here, again, is a recap of the receiving recommendations for your clé order:

  • sign your delivery slip (BOL/Delivery Receipt). if missing or damaged boxes, make clear detailed notes about the issues and receive both the damaged and undamaged product. if you do not follow this important step, we will not be able to provide claim support nor replace your missing or damaged tiles at no cost to you.
  • call (415) 887-9011 or email clé (claims@cletile.com) to arrange for the replacement of the damaged product or any boxes that may be missing.


  • any clé shortage or damage must be noted upon receipt of the product and written in detailed notes on the BOL/Delivery Receipt. all inspection of tiles must be done prior to installation. in all tile realms, installation constitutes acceptance of the materials. please do not install defective product.
  • for all tile orders 2%-4% of the tile damaged, chipped or scratched is acceptable. tiles are primarily handmade, hand-picked and hand-packed. slight surface issues are standard. it is suggested to order at least 15% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, as well as installation cuts, and breakage.
  • do not refuse the shipment or damaged portions of the shipment, generally, the vast majority of tiles are still usable and only a small portion of tiles may need to be replaced. if you refuse shipment due to damage, you may be liable for any additional shipping fees associated with shipping the usable tile back to Cle or to your job site. additionally, this will delay any claims and replacement orders.


clé does NOT accept returns on any of our products in order to minimize inconsistencies. we encourage viewing multiple samples prior to making a full order whenever possible. please consider ordering three to four samples of the same product to give you an idea of the level of variation you can expect with a full order. 

Cancellation Policy

clé only accepts cancellations within 3 hours of receiving your confirmation email. outside of this time-frame, orders cannot be canceled.