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International Shipping

clé is a California based company that only ships to all 50 states.  We do not fulfill international sample or full tile orders at this time, including Canadian orders. Should you have any questions on this policy, please send us an email to

In the event that you take it upon yourself to ship clé across US borders - here is what you need to know:

Please be informed that it is entirely the purchasers liability and duty to be aware that our claims and support does not carry over to geographical locations where clé does not manage shipments (ie. any location beyond US borders.) Therefore, we strongly recommend the purchase and purchasing agent’s client understand entirely all of the risks to be considered should you choose to opt for shipping outside of the United States, against clé’s recommendations. 

International clients (including Canada) may at their own risk, have full tile orders delivered to a freight forwarder of their choice located within the U.S. as a means to get their international order delivered. We do not recommend moving forward with any order in this manner and clé does not make any guarantee that your shipment will arrive safely as we do not manage shipments delivered outside of the United States at this time. 

clé ships full tile orders via palletized freight and sample orders via fed ex to your requested delivery site within the United States. We do not take any additional measures beyond our current standards for palletized freight to ensure additional care is met for orders leaving the United States. 

It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure the freight forwarder acknowledges the arrival of the shipment and arranges for the shipment from their nominated forwarder warehouse toward the final destination. 

IMPORTANT: If you do opt to use a freight forwarder, please note, once your freight forwarder takes possession of your order, clé tile, and our freight shipping partners no longer are responsible for the condition of the material upon its arrival at the final destination. All damage or shortages must be noted at the time of delivery by our freight shipping partner before the material ships from the U.S. to its final destination. 

A nominated freight forwarder is expected to note any issue with orders – this can include but is not limited to damages, shortages, or even incorrect tile being shipped. This must be done PRIOR to leaving US borders. Even in the event of incorrect tile shipped to the freight forwarder, clé will not assume the costs in shipping back incorrect material or in shipping any replacements unless noted PRIOR to leaving US borders for its final destination.

**Should you require a CI (commercial invoice) it is solely your responsibility as the purchaser to request this information and to deliver it to the appropriate parties. clé does not manage or offer any support on international shipments other than supplying a commercial invoice (only upon request.)

Should you opt to assume the responsibility of the order shipping beyond the United States, you as the purchaser are agreeing to all liability that may go along shipping in this manner as clé does not manage shipments from the United States to your final destination outside of the United States.