legacy trade program policies (trade program entirely offline as of March 2021)





What is the anticipated wait time to have my trade application reviewed and approved?

Depending on the queue, this process can take a minimum of 5 business days, sometimes longer. We thank you in advance for your patience. IMPORTANT: To prevent any delays in the review process, please ensure you have included the correct documentation we are requesting.

Which industries and professions qualify for the
clé trade program?

Licensed general or tile contractors, architects, and designers.


What are the requirements for the trade program?

To apply to clé’s trade program, you must have the following:

  • a valid and active professional trade license to any of the following (AIA, ASID,IIDA, AIA, NKBA, IDC, NCIDQ, CCIDC for architects and designers, for tile contractors or general contracting licenses please submit those documents showing a valid license.)

When submitting a professional trade license, please attach at least one of the following:

  • Valid membership to a major design organization (e.g ASID, IIDA, AIA, NKBA, IDC)
  • Interior Design Certification (e.g. NCIDQ, CCIDC)
  • Tile contractors or general contracting licenses please submit those documents showing a valid license

Although it’s not required, it’s strongly recommended that you include your portfolio and/or project information in your application, if readily available. Our sales specialists assist many clients every day and want to understand your unique requirements to best match our products with your project.


What are the benefits of the trade program?

One of the benefits of being in the clé trade program is receiving discounted trade pricing and complimentary samples (restrictions apply.) All trade program benefits will be provided via email upon approval of your trade application.


I have been declined, can I re-apply?

If your application has been declined, it’s most likely due to a lack of qualifying information. To resubmit the required information for review, simply log into your registered account and include the required documentation that was missing in the prior application review process:

  • a valid and active professional trade license (AIA, ASID,IIDA, AIA, NKBA, IDC for architects and designers, for tile contractors or general contracting licenses please submit those documents showing a valid license.)

Is the clé trade discount valid on all products on the website?

The trade discount can be used on all items on https://www.cletile.com/ with the exception of items under “clé classics” and “second shelf”.


How do I ensure my trade account is tax exempt?

Kindly provide tax documentation for tax exempt status for our team to review prior to placing your order as we do not retroactively refund taxes on orders placed prior to providing our team with tax exempt supporting documentation. To ensure tax documentation is approved, ensure you email trade@cletile.com with supporting documentation for review. We do not retroactively refund taxes on orders placed without proper tax documentation. Contact us if you are unsure of your tax status. 


If I’m a homeowner working with a designer am I eligible for the trade program?

No, not at this time.


Can I add another person to my clé trade account?

No, our accounts are based on the individual rather than the company or the firm. However, multiple trade accounts from a single firm or company are welcome.


Can I have a non clé trade member pay for a trade discounted order under my account? (i.e. can I forward my trade pricing invoice to my client so they can pay?)

No, trade program perks are designed specifically and ONLY for active and approved members of the clé trade program. If you are a member of the clé trade program and have been given trade pricing, you must be the purchasing agent for the material. Any forwarding of pay links with trade discounts included to non clé trade members to pay could risk your removal from the clé trade program permanently. 


Can I apply for my contractor?

No, you cannot apply on behalf of your contractor.  


How do I request samples through the website?

Requesting samples through the trade program is simple! Reference your trade welcome email for step by step instructions. Please note: all artist collaborations and maison clé tiles are subject to separate sampling costs (the exact amount of trade discount on these samples will be confirmed in your trade acceptance email.) 


How do I place orders through the trade program?

Ordering products through the trade program is no different than the normal ordering process. Simply go the the product page of the item you wish to purchase, add the desired amount to your shopping cart using the ‘add to cart’ button and checkout. Your trade discount will be reflected when items are placed in your shopping cart. You can also call to place an order or email us at contact@cletile.com.


Can I place my order for my contractor using my own account?

No, your contractor will need to place the order through their own account for it to be considered a ‘trade order’.


What is the clé trade return policy?

clé does NOT accept returns on any of our products in order to minimize inconsistencies. We encourage viewing multiple samples prior to ordering. Please consider ordering three to four samples of the same product to see the level of variation you can expect with a full order.


If I placed an order prior to being accepted into the trade program, will I be refunded my trade discount?

clé does not retroactively apply trade discounts or refund purchases made prior to your acceptance into the program. in order to receive a trade discount, please wait until your trade program application has been reviewed and you have received your trade program welcome email before placing an order.