what is clé's return & cancellation policy?

return & cancellation policy on tile orders

Return Policy

clé does NOT accept returns on any of our products in order to minimize inconsistencies. We encourage viewing multiple samples prior to ordering. Please consider ordering three to four samples of the same product to see the level of variation.


any clé shortage or damage must be noted upon receipt of the product and written in detailed notes on the BOL/Delivery Receipt. all inspection of tiles must be done prior to installation. in all tile realms, installation constitutes acceptance of the materials. please do not install defective product.


Standard Cancellation Policy 

clé only accepts cancellations within 3 hours from the time your confirmation email is sent. outside of this time-frame, orders cannot be canceled. please note this 3-hour window also applies to editing or adding to a full order placed with clé. 

in order to cancel your order within 3 hours from the time the order confirmation was sent, please either email us at contact@cletile.com with your invoice number or call us directly during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm PST) at (415) 887-9011. 

Cancellation Policy during Special clé Sale Events

on the rare occasion that clé offers a sale event - please note that standard cancellation policy may not apply. please be sure to read the terms and conditions of each specific sale event to ensure you understand policies for each individual sale. for sales and sale items, our sale terms and conditions will always supersede our general terms and conditions for cancellations. 


Right to Refuse Business

An order may be terminated by clé for any reason or for no reason, upon clé giving one day notice to customers.