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Shimmer Collection FAQ

What is the Shimmer Collection?

At clé, our mandate is to broaden everyone’s concept of tile and surfaces, transforming them from the world of functional backdrops to a more artful feature of an interior. case in point, the shimmer collection featuring wall-mounted brass sequins, our latest collaboration with bay area designer and artist erica tanov.

The sequins are available in two sizes. they are made of american brass and are fabricated in Northern California. Each come with installation instructions along with brass nails and spacers to set the sequins 1/8" from the wall.


Where can I install the Shimmer Collection?

Our brass sequins are only recommended for interior wall applications such as entryways, kitchen backsplashes (not near burners), bathroom walls (not wet), hallways, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds. They are not intended for use as stove backsplashes unless your substrate is non-combustible and meets code requirement for material installed near a burner.  The Shimmer Collection should not be installed in wet rooms or wet areas like shower interiors.


Can I use brass sequins for a backsplash?

The Shimmer Collection can be used for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, but should not be used behind the stove unless your substrate is non-combustible and meets code requirement for material installed near a burner.


Can I install the Shimmer Collection in the bathroom?

Yes, the Shimmer Collection can be installed in bathrooms as backsplashes or accent walls. They should not be installed in showers, steam showers, or “wet room” style bathrooms.


Can I use brass sequins for a pool or fountain?  

No, the Shimmer Collection cannot be used in these areas.


Are brass sequins heat resistant?

Our brass sequins are noncombustible but can absorb heat and may become hot to the touch please use on fireplace surrounds at your discretion.


How much variation should I expect?

With the Shimmer Collection you will see a light textural variation with slight color variation in the form of patina. The tiles fall under the definition of V2 and T2 in our Tile Variation Guide, which states:


Color Variation

V2 - Slight Variation: There can be slight visible differences in the colors of the tiles, but generally as a whole, the tiles grouped in any installation will present a uniform look.


Texture Variation

T1 - Light Texture: Production will result in slight physical variation in the surfaces of the tiles.  overall there will be uniformity upon installation.


What is patina?

The term ‘patina’, has come to refer to any fading, darkening, muting or other signs of age, which is natural and, usually, unavoidable. Patina itself is a thin layer that forms on the surface of stones, leathers, metals, clays, cements and woods that creates a protective coating.

Derived from oxidation and other chemical introductions that render age, patina is a wear and a polish enhanced by age and exposure. These effects all combine to create a softer appearance in both color and character. Around the world, patina is a celebrated finish and known as an ‘antique luster’.


What is the thickness of a brass sequin?

Our large and small brass sequins are made from 20 gauge brass (0.0375”). When installed directly to the wall the installation will protrude roughly 3/16” (with spacers,tile, and nailhead).


What sizes do the sequins come in?

Small brass sequin ovals – 3.5” x 2.25”

Large brass sequin ovals – 6” x 3.86”


How do I install the Shimmer Collection?

Individual sequins are secured to the wall using 3/4” brass nails and spacers that set the sequins 1/8” from the wall. Each order includes installation instructions for laying out a grid on your wall to create an overlapping pattern reminiscent of fish scales. We also provide the 3/4” brass escutcheon pins and ⅛” brass spacers required for the installation as well. For more detailed installation instructions please see our ‘Shimmer Collection Installation Guide’.


Is trim available for the Shimmer Collection?

The Shimmer Collection is not intended to be installed with trim of any kind.


What grout joint size does clé recommend for the Shimmer Collection?

The Shimmer collection does not use grout for the installation. The sequins are held in place using 3/4” brass escutcheon pins that are provided by clé.


How much is a sample?|

Small sequins are available to sample for $6.50 each and large sequins are available for $10.00.


How long does it take to get my tiles?

In-stock orders will ship within 10 business days. Out of stock orders may take up to 5 weeks to ship.


Is the Shimmer Collection available for international clients? 

Due to the unique order minimum amount for this collection, international orders are placed upon clé approval. Email for more information.