what are the 3 most dreaded words of a tile project? “add on order”!

we get it. a good tile project is an investment in material and labor. but because tile labor is so expensive, many people opt for less expensive tiles or even worse - not ordering enough tile.

in an attempt to economize on materials some clients measure right down to single pieces of tile. this is just a BAD IDEA.

 here’s what happens when your contractor comes up short of tiles during installation-

  • desperate communications begin to the tile supplier attempting to acquire enough tiles to complete the project. this is the dreaded - ADD ON ORDER.
  • the risk that the new tiles will not match your order is GREAT.
  • the costs for ADD ON orders are high- because full boxes must be shipped and palletized to insure the least amount of breakage.
  • if new tiles do not match old tiles - this is the worst result! because at this point- your project may have two unblended shades - or if this isn’t acceptable, the entire order will need to be reordered and re-installed.
  • your project is now HALTED until you get your ADD ON.
  • your contractor will leave the project and it may take a very long time before he can return to your project.

best ways to avoid the dreaded ADD ON ORDER?

1) make your contractor responsible for your tile quanties, and

2) always DEMAND that your contractor has added10%-15% to those tile quantities.

by following the above ordering rules - you will avoid ADD ON ORDERS and have enough tiles to cover the standard tile needs outlined in FAQ #6

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