common questions about glazed thin brick

How much variation should I expect?

If you are expecting perfect tiles – then glazed thin brick tiles are not for you. Glazed thin brick tiles are created from unrefined clay sources and natural pigments. This, alone, creates tiles of extreme variation of color, shade and size. Additionally, each tile is made by hand- one tile at a time. On the other hand, if your project requires beautiful hand made variation- glazed thin brick tiles are perfectly imperfect.

the thickness is 1/2" and can vary, along with other specified dimensions.

please expect 6 tiles per square foot for a 2-1/2x8" tile. this allows for a 3/8" grout requirement.

*for installations requiring a smaller grout joint- this is not recommended. furthermore, you will need to recalculate your tile quantity requirements. 

What size are glazed thin brick tiles?

Glazed thin brick tiles come in 2.5”X8” and 2.25”X7.625”

What is the thickness of glazed brick?

The thickness of clé glazed brick is ½”

Can I customize glazed thin brick tiles?

Inquiries accepted

What are minimum order requirements?

In-stock tiles – 2 full boxes

Standard tiles (non stock) – 35 sf

What is the lead-time on glazed thin brick tiles?

In-stock – 5-10 weeks

Non-stock - 8-10 weeks

How much is a glazed thin brick sample?


Where do you recommend installing glazed thin brick tiles?

We find glazed thin brick tiles irresistible for any application and downright perfect for a kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, etc.

What grout do you recommend?

We recommend using Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA, which is intended for glazed tiles.

Do I need to seal glazed thin brick tiles?

For the majority of applications, glazed brick doesn’t need to be sealed. Please see specification guide for more details.

How do I clean them?

Minimal maintenance is required. Mild soaps should be sufficient for most cleaning. Test any cleaners before general use.

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