foundry flats thin brick maintenance guide

Foundry Flats Maintenance Guide

Instructions for Clean Foundry Flats surface:

Your Foundry Flats installation deserves the best maintenance you can provide for your heirloom quality tiles.

When your installation is new, your contractor will remove excess grout from the surface of the brick. The sooner the Foundry Flats is cleaned after grouting- the easier it will be to clean the tile surface.

Another way to clean the Foundry Flats surface from installation debris and grout to brush down the surface with a bristle brush and water.

There are also tradespeople that would suggest cleaning with a chemical cleaner. We don’t recommend this, as it has the ability to damage the tiles. 

Cleaning instructions-

  • For flats installed in the morning- clean flats in late afternoon.
  • For flats installed in afternoon – clean flats next morning.
  • Begin at top of installation, soak top surface of flats with clean water through to bottom tiles.
  • When surface is all wet, scrub face of tiles with a bristly brush.
  • Rinse surface with water, afterward.
  • Take care not to soak tiles through to the setting material.
  • If this happens, it could encourage efflorescence.

Grout Film as Design:

Alternately, for clients that want to enjoy the beauty of instant patina by leaving the grout film or applying excess grout film, the surface finish and maintenance will be completely different. In this case, you would want to insure that you have selected the correct grout color for your “patina” and also to instruct the contractor for the depth of patina you will want your grout film to apply.


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