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specification guide for liberty thin brick

General Description

clé’s Liberty Collection offers an array of deep, glamorous colors inspired by early nineteenth-century, urban New York. Drawing on the modern feel of this era of industrialization and urbanization, this hard-working thin glazed brick is a standard, modular-masonry brick size, a size preferred by architects for its ease of use and brick patterning. The liberty color palette includes matte black, deep shimmering blues, a rich moody green and reflective finishes such as gold and steel. Each coat of glaze reveals the texture of the brick giving it both glamor and heft. The liberty collection is ideal for a multitude of applications looking for a statement, including kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace surround, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, and more.

Note: interior/exterior specification - not recommended for floors (including shower floors).  OK for freeze/thaw. 


General Usage

Commercial, hospitality and residential settings, interior and exterior walls (vertical and horizontal surfaces), showers, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and hearths (cannot be installed inside the fireplace box). Floor use should be limited to light residential traffic and requires proper substrate support and limited shoe traffic on gloss glazes. 


Nominal Sizes

Nominal 2.5"x 8"x 3/8”


Standard Specifications

Liberty Glazed Brick shall be selected by the architect/designer/owner from manufacturer’s standard sizes, shapes and glazes.

Note: Interior/Exterior Specification - In wet applications the grout line will need to be sealed if a waterproof grout is not used.  Please limit outdoor use to locations not affected by freezing temperatures.



A lead time of 6-8 weeks is sufficient in most cases, but when shown as out of stock, the lead-time can be up to 12 weeks.


Color and Texture Variation

V2 (slight variation), T2 (light texture)



Installation methods should conform to the Tile Council of America “Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation” (current edition). Tiles from several different cartons should be mixed to achieve the best overall blend.



Minimal maintenance is required. Mild soaps should be sufficient for most cleaning. Test any cleaners before general use.