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Specification sheet
Thank you for ordering our clé lithographed tile. Each of your tiles is carefully hand crafted by our tile artisans to create a decorative tile surface for projects including all wall surfaces (interior and exterior) and light interior residential floors.* clé recommends the following installation and maintenance guidelines.
1. For patterns lithographed on stone, a wide grout joint is NOT recommended. A tight grout joint will ensure that the artwork has a continuous design flow. For designs lithographed on porcelain, a moderate (1/4” – 3/8”) grout joint is recommended.
2. DO NOT USE TAPE during product installation, or otherwise. We cannot guarantee the safety of our products against various construction tapes- INCLUDING BLUE TAPE.
3. During installation, only soft cloths are recommended for cleaning the tile surface as well as for ongoing maintenance.
1. clé lithographed tiles are only recommended for light residential floor installations.
2. The tiles must be level with the surrounding tile. Any portion of the tile that sits above the leveled plane of the floor will be exposed to excessive wear.
3. Our top-coat kit is required for use on floor installations using lithographed tiles to protect them against excess wear and tear.
1. We recommend “finger grouting” to keep grout in the joints and off of the surface of the tiles. You may find it easiest to employ this grouting method by using a grout bag for applying the grout into the joint and finalizing the grout finish with a finger or soft, wet cloth.
2. Once a clé tile installation has been completely grouted, it is required that the installer clean any residual grout off of the surface of the tiles carefully while the grout is still wet. KEEP YOUR SURFACE CLEAN.
3. Most installation issues arise when the installer has not properly cleaned the surface of the tiles after the grouting process. If the installer uses a typical grout scrub, he may remove portions of the decoration. If the installer leaves a significant grout film on the surface of the tiles, it will mask the decoration. A grout film will not occur if the tile installer has finger grouted, as recommended.
4. Clients using any of the latest permacolor grouts should take note that permacolor grouts dry more quickly than common grouts. therefore, extra care should be taken to ensure that the grout is NOT applied to the surface of the tile before it begins its immediate drying. Additionally, the working consistency of permacolor grouts makes it more difficult to finger grout.
1. Avoid using any cleaners that are not neutral Ph. This includes vinegar and Simple Green products.
2. We require only the use of mild soap and water and soft cloths. As with any finely decorated ceramic or stone product, clé warns against the use of any surface cleansers or scrubbing pads. especially during the installation process.
*For kitchen backsplashes or light residential floors, we recommend the purchase and application of the clé top-coat kit.