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specification & usage guide for modern farmhouse brick

All the dazzle of the beloved zellige tile grounded with the integrity of brick - our Modern Farmhouse Brick line speaks to clients fond of both zellige and glazed brick (especially those that fancy extreme variation). Think of this thin clay brick tile coated with a variegated glaze as a rustic, chunkier, version of the subway tile.


Color Variation

clé exclusive Modern Farmhouse Brick tile varies from brick to brick, some more than others. These variations are intentional, resulting from our particular production methods and our choice of raw materials. When specifying clé exclusive Modern Farmhouse Brick tile, if color consideration is paramount, always work from a sampling of 3 or more bricks, which represents the range of color you can expect on the job.



Crazing refers to the hairline cracks which may occur in the glaze surface of brick after firing and is common in handcrafted tile. Some glazes produced for the clé exclusive Modern Farmhouse Brick tile are crazed to achieve certain colors and/or decorative effects. To minimize the possibility of staining clé recommends using a penetrating sealer or grout release. If sealer or release is required please test a small section following the sealer/release manufacturer’s instructions.


Size Variation

Due to shrinkage from wet to fired tile in the manufacturing process, our bricks are subject to size variation. The thickness is 3/8" and can vary, along with other specified dimensions. Please expect 6 tiles per square foot for a 2-1/2x8" tile.

Note: This allows for a 3/8" grout requirement.



Installation methods should conform to the Tile Council of North America Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation (current edition). Brick from several different cartons should be mixed to achieve the best overall blend of color. Other systems are available and the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed.



Minimal maintenance is required. Mild soaps should be sufficient for most cleaning. Test any cleaners before general use.


Durability considerations

Depending on specific site conditions, Modern Farmhouse Brick is subject to wear over time.

Important: Modern Farmhouse Brick is not recommended for floor installations


Freeze Thaw Resistance 

Exterior specification: OK for freeze thaw